Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
Ronsume™ Cold Plunge
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Ronsume™ Cold Plunge

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⓵ Beautifully Designed for Indoors or Out ⓶Quiet and Energy Efficient ⓷Ronsume™1 HP High-Flow Chiller ⓸Fully-Enclosed Indoor/Outdoor Body
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  Installation is a breeze with our plug-and-plunge design. Simply fill up the tub with a hose, turn it on, and set your temperature. The Ronsume™ is perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor use.

  Our ozone sanitation and water filter system ensures that your water stays clean and healthy, while our moisture-proof and anticorrosive design ensures that your tub lasts for years to come. And with LED lights in the tub, you can even enjoy your Cold Plunge experience in the evening.

Ronsume™ Cold Plunge

  Unique Features

  1.   Ronsume™ 1 HP High-Flow Chiller, quiet and Energy Efficient
  2.   Designed for both indoor and outdoor use - the durable exterior is designed for harsh conditions and UV protection
  3.   Built-in advanced ozone injection sanitization system
  4.   20-micron filter extracts all unwanted debris out of the water
  5.   Built-in circulation pump optimized water quality and plunge experience
  6.   An extra side vent provides additional ventilation and easier access while still being protected from rain, wind, and debris
  7.   Insulated tub to conserve energy and maintain optimal water temperature
  8.   Grade A eco-certified wood top will last a lifetime
  9.   No plumbing required, just plug and plunge
  10.   Interior LED lighting creates a spa-like aesthetic and enables night time use


  Standard Size

  •   Dimensions of entire plunge: L 74" x  W 31.5" x H 33"
  •   Dimensions of Tub L 45" x W 26.5" x H 28"
  •   Weight: 230kg

  Large Size

  •   Dimensions of entire plunge: L 83" x  W 31.5" x H 33"
  •   Dimensions of Tub L 55.5" x W 26.5" x H 28"
  •   Weight: 250kg
  1.   Power Requirements: Standard 110V
  2.   Circulation: Built-in self-priming system
  3.   Stainless steel liner (1.5MM thick 304#)
  4.   Product packaging: reinforced wooden box

Ronsume™ Cold Plunge


  •   Ronsume™ Cold Immersion System (All the chiller's features are built inside the chiller - filtration, chilling, sanitation, and pump. )
  •   Integrated Chiller with Advanced Filtration and Ozone Purification System
  •   Matching Step Stool (red cedar)
  •   Insulated Lid (Eco-friendly PU leather)


  (1)Shipping from PA warehouse: 10-15 days.(Update August 7:PA is temporarily out of stock.)

  (2)Factory Shipping: 5-6 weeks. (If the delivery time is not acceptable to you, please do not order Cold Plunge.

  Very sorry.Because of the recent surge in sales, our factories are working overtime to produce equipment.We will update the stock in PA warehouse as soon as possible.

  We'll contact you when it's ready to ship.

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