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Warranty Policy


  lf you have any problems, please connect with volousport customer service.

  Volousport's Pergola has 6 months warranty and the time is calculated based on the date of order. Please provide the original orderid when requesting warranty services.

  volousport would charge fees when providing inspection, repair or replacement if your device is out-of-warranty.

  Warranty is void when products are damaged due to external causes including usage not in accordance with product instruction,abuse alternation,neglect,improper operating,acts of nature,unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification.

  The following conditions are not within the the scope of warranty:

       1.Wear caused by improper use.

  2.Exposing the device to heat,humidity environment. Damage due to sharp or sharp edge objects.

  3.Wanton destruction,misappropriation,overloading or accidental damage.

  4.Damage and soiling by domestic animals.

  5.Contamination caused by body or hair care products

  6.Damage incurred by acts of God, accidents or abuse.